Power of One:  Rise Against Hunger with The Cumberland River District

Did you know we can END HUNGER by the year 2030?  And the best part?  WE can help.  YOU can help!

The Cumberland River District is committed to ending hunger for everyone, everywhere and we are excited to partner with Rise Against Hunger (formerly, Stop Hunger Now) through a campaign of hosting meal packaging events.

The Cumberland River District has set a goal of packaging 285,120 meals which is enough to fill an entire container for shipment!  Each meal that we will package cost .29 per meal.  Beginning in January we will have host churches for the meal packaging events.  The host church has set their personal goal of how many they want to package.  Your church is invited to participate in one of these events and set your own goal as well!  Once you have a goal, and have decided which host church site you want to package meals at, let me know!

Here is a breakdown of how we can reach our goal:

District goal = 285,120 meals.  

Divided by 108 churches = 2,640 per church. 2,640 meals x .29 = $765.60 per church.

The following churches and dates are set for the Cumberland River District Campaign with Rise Against Hunger:

  • January 27 @ Calvary
  • February 24 @ Springfield First
  • March 24 @ Hermitage
  • April 15 @ Lebanon First
  • May 20 @ Providence

We are excited about this and know we can achieve this through our awesome District!!   For questions or more information, please contact Robin Stanfield robin.stanfield@tnumc.com